Where Art Meets Science & Technology

Where Art Meets Science & Technology

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Some of my favorite findings from exploring Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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Go Here Astonishing and unexpected discoveries can arise from interactions of Art, Nature, and Technology. Inventors throughout history have discovered the world’s breakthroughs using their imagination and vision about the interactions of art, nature, and technology. Imagination and Art combined with Science & Technology can turn science fiction into science fact.

rencontre 93 During a recent trip to Massachusetts, I had a couple of hours to explore Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was fascinated with my findings.

MIT Glass Lab: Beautiful Glass Objects, 3D Printed, Blend of Art and Science

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Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research: Multidisciplinary research across biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering, material science, art, and other disciplines.

Read Full Article The Koch Institute Public Galleries displays striking images of cutting edge science and technological innovations in cancer research. They closely show the connection of art, nature, and technology and demonstrate the significant role that nature plays for life changing discoveries and innovations.

Continued Here are some of my favorite pieces from the gallery!

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License to Kill: Empowering the Immune System to Fight Cancer

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Gut Instinct: Screening for Signs of Cancer

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Resistance is Fertile: Studying Neuron Sensitivity in Culture