Where Art Meets Science & Technology

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rencontre 100 gratuite pour les hommes Astonishing and unexpected discoveries can arise from interactions of Art, Nature, and Technology. Inventors throughout history have discovered the world’s breakthroughs using their imagination and vision about the interactions of art, nature, and technology. Imagination and Art combined with Science & Technology can turn science fiction into science fact.


http://www.jcasoft.com/pidarmon/5681 During a recent trip to Massachusetts, I had a couple of hours to explore Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was fascinated with my findings.

follow link Here are some of my favorites! …..Continued

Art, Technology, Robots, Science: Family Day at the UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology

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rencontre en ligne sherbrooke Join us for Family Day at the UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology this Saturday April18.The event offers a “kid-friendly” introduction to new media art relating to the Beall Center’s current exhibit, as well as presentations, hands-on activities, and more.

breve rencontre lotus elan I am looking forward to present demonstrations and displays on the interactions between art, nature, and technology and the relationship between the ant colony, art, and robotics! …..Continued

Los Angeles Imagineers

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http://antonpavlenko.com/?evioter=skill-matchmaking-black-ops-2&108=9d Image: By Azi Sharif, PhD. Charcoal Drawing of the Moon; Photo of Google self-driving car view of the world; 3-D Printed top; XPRIZE SpaceShip; Cauliflower and Fractals. Los Angeles Imagineers Los Angeles Imagineers Group was launched in December 2014 by Azi … Continued

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