Let’s End Poaching Before It’s Too Late!

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click here to read Let’s End Poaching Before It’s Too Late: A Conversation with Mr. Tom Tochterman, Founder of Rhino Mercy

rencontre femme tunisienne pour mariage “Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.” ~ Stewart Udall

http://acoher.es/ From one million Rhinos at the turn of the 19th Centruy to less than 30,000 now! Since beginning of 2014, 1,173 Rhinos have been brutally slaughtered in South Africa. Rhinos are drugged so they can’t move, but they still hear, smell, and feel everything, while their horn is chopped by an axe. And why? Simply for a horn that is nothing more than a keratin compound that has no medical value with most recent use for preventing hangovers from drinking alcohol!

site de rencontre emmanuelle.fr If things remain the same your newborn children will no longer see a Rhino. The technology and resources wildlife conservation groups need to stop this is nothing Sci-Fi like. The technology they need is already developed and has been used in other applications. We need to act now and do whatever it takes to use our expertise and resources to save the last Rhinos!

http://www.cccbc.net/mardyl/1145 It’s still possible to save them by educating the world, allocating necessary resources, adjusting policies, and the use of existing technologies, but we need to act NOW. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Tom Tochterman, Founder of Rhino Mercy. Rhino Mercy in partnership with a South African/UK organization Transfrontier Africa is implementing actions to save the remaining rhinos. Here are Tom’s valuable insights on the history of African Rhinos, what is happening to them, current strategic initiatives and actions being taken to save the Rhinos, technologies such as drones, RFID, camera traps being used; and additional technologies and resources needed that can help save Rhinos; and most importantly ACTIONS by the individuals pleading to the governmental levels that can help save Rhino’s NOW! …..Continued