Ant Colony: Inspiration for algorithms shaping the future from mathematics to robotics and self-driving cars

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Emergent behavior in complex adaptive Ant colony: Inspiration for algorithms from mathematics to robotics and self-driving cars.
Many of us view ants as useless and annoying insects. Once you observe and study the behavior of ants you will see they are one of the most fascinating and collectively efficient, adaptive, and smart creatures; and modeling their behavior can lead to science fiction like world changing discoveries and innovations in a multitude of applications.

Some ants can carry over 100 times their own body weight and change the size and shape of the pads on their feet depending on the load they are carrying. Astonishing behaviors emerge from collective groups of ants interacting with each other and the environment. Imagine if we could mimic their behavior by developing a swarm of self-organized adaptable robots, sensors, connected objects that can be released to accomplish specific tasks, search and discover the physical space, be used for search and rescue, and wildlife conservation initiatives, or a swarm of Self-Driving Cars autonomously finding the shortest path for their routes!