Image: Charcoal Drawing of the Moon; Pictures of Google Driverless Car’s view of the world; 3-D Printed top; XPRIZE SpaceShip; Cauliflower and Fractals

Los Angeles Imagineers

“Promoting public awareness of the need for and value of multi-disciplinary collaboration.”

Los Angeles Imagineers Group was launched in December 2014 to enable networking & information sharing opportunities and connect like-minded creative visionaries who are excited about shaping the future.

With the proper combination of technology, talented people, sufficient capital, and right policies we can meet any grand challenge. Some key areas of interest includes exploration of science fiction like ideas that become reality through science and technology and the endless world of imagination for creative arts, stories, films and animation that can be sparked by understanding Science & Technology and Nature.

Professionals from all industries… Creative Directors, Artists, Scientists, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Biologists, Fashion Designers, Medical Doctors, Producers, Film Directors, Musicians, Philanthropists, Researchers, Investors, Corporate Leaders are welcome to join.

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