UCI Beall Center for Art + Technology

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cadeau anniversaire 1 an de rencontre A conversation with Samantha Younghans-Haug, Program Director at University of California Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology. Interactive Art that uses different forms of science and technology to engage the senses; collaborations among artists, scientists and technologists to spark new ideas and discoveries. I had the opportunity for a Q&A with Samantha Younghans-Haug, Program Director at the Beall Center for Art + Technology. ………. Continued


Mathematics in Nature and in Art

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http://www.fbtaudio.co.uk/?mirta=pire-photo-de-profil-site-de-rencontre-russe&aec=16 From Paintings and Monuments inspired by Mathematics of Nature, to complicated and beautiful shapes created from simple math equations. The tight connection between Art and Mathematics is fascinating and has had a long historical relationship dating back to 2,560 BC. From artists and architects inspired by mathematics to create their paintings and monuments, to mathematician’s developing simple mathematical models which result in amazing complex patterns and designs that are also seen in nature in many instances such as trees, the human heart, lung, kidney, mountains, sand dunes, stones, and vegetables such as Cauliflower………. Continued

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Neuroscience, Games, Zebrafish: Life changing discoveries

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opzionibinarie phg The power of interdisciplinary collaboration and observations from nature for life changing discoveries: The Arts, Sciences, Engineering, and Nature: A game to help neuroscience research, a fish to help cure diseases, fascinating findings from exploring “The Koch Institute Public Galleries”. …….. Continued

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