What is common in painting a picture and building a robot?

What is common in painting a picture and building a robot?

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“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Have you ever wondered why there is such a disconnection in today’s society between art and science? During my grad school when I studied computer science and throughout my entire career in technology, people were always surprised to discover that I am an artist and my BA is in fine arts. The general view was that art and science belonged to two completely different worlds. Even today, there is this assumption that if you are an artist, you can’t possibly be good in math and science and vice versa. Throughout the history most scientists and inventors were also artists. In fact during the Renaissance, the study of art and science were not perceived as mutually exclusive; they were considered as complimentary. Leonardo Da Vinci was amazingly gifted with the ability to see this, closely observed the natural world around him, and created both scientific inventions and marvelous pieces of creative arts. Albert Einstein, not only he was a genius scientist of the 20th century, but he was also a gifted musician and a talented violinist.

The reason for such a close connection between art, science, and technology is that all three of them stem from nature and creation of all requires imagination and vision; in other words, the key to art, science, and technology is creativity, imagination, and the ability to see. As we are driving on the road, some of us see the street and trees around it, some of us notice the type of tree’s, and some of us notice more details such as patterns of trees, smaller flowers, and even hawk’s and other wildlife sitting on the light pole or the trees. In the same way, the link between Art, Nature, and Technology is common sense for some of us and so foreign for others.

Finally, as much as painting needs brush and paint, building a robot requires algorithms and sensors; they both share the same procedure of researching, designing, implementing, and recreating. Thus, it is essential for future generations to be able to better see this connection, and realize the importance of nature as it is the core instigator of science and art.